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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[Beauty Review]Miss HANA 花娜小姐 cushion compact foundation (ENG VER)

Make up base and foundation are the most important thing for makeover .Once uneven skin tone appears, it doesnt matter how pricey your eyeliner,lipstick or eye shadow are , you will never looks good.
I've combination skin type so it happened many times uneven skin tone on my face. I need to use liquid foundation for my dry skin part yet I need cream for my T-zone ,HOW?!
Now that I've tried Miss Hana cushion compact foundation , it's long lasting,sunscreen protection and comfortable .Not to mention the design of it is very pretty too ! Cushion compact foundation controlled the amount of water included in liquid foundation so that it would not dry out. Say bye-bye to uneven skin tone YAY
It provides sponge(puff) for you so no worries about getting your fingers dirty while applying make up ! Perfect for combination skin tone I LOVE IT !