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Friday, September 18, 2015

[Review] Bausch + Lomb Malaysia Lacelle Jewel LAUNCH

Well known American eye health products —— Bausch+Lomb ,has launched their brand new product Lacelle Jewl coloured contact lens on the month of September 2015.

I myself been supporting BAUSCH+LOMB eye health ReNu fresh since many years,and I'm still using it until today.I'm really glad to attend this latest product launch event.
Firstly,thanks for inviting me to join the event,I've enjoyed myself very much.The event went well and it's great, especially the performances are marvelous. Opening act were performed by SOUL KRAZY dance group,then they have Lacelle Jewel collection showcase featuring Amber Chia and singing performance by artist Atikah Suhaime . Lastly they have singing performance as well by Malaysian Charbor Joyce Chu . 



Artist Atikah Suhaime

I've received a pair of Lacelle Jewl colour contact lens from BAUSCH+LOMB . This pair of lovely lens I've chosen is Topaz Brown series.

Topaz Brown
A natural sparkle that makes eyes pop instinctively .A highly approachable presentation.

Under indoor lightning 

Loving colour and attractive design no
I've worn it for the entire day 12 hours and I don't feel uncomfortable at all . It's very soft and clear.Not to mention it's easy to wear too. Other than the material I do love the natural effect of this contact lens as well,sparkling sharp color but yet natural and it doesn't appears lustreless without light . Due to some contact lenses I've tried,it shows natural color under sunlight,but when it comes to dark surrounding,my eyes immediately looks like a dark hole without any lustre at all. But LACELLE JEWEL makes things changed !
It makes my eyes looks attractive and natural. LOVELY !

Rate :

Comfortable :10/10

Effect : 8/10

Monday, September 7, 2015

[Review] Nella Fantasia's Oneday Whitener (ENG/CN)

The latest trend item other than fake breast/six pack for cosplayers is the --------- Oneday Whitener. 

This a similar foundation / CC cream product from KOREA. Well,we usually apply foundation on our face to make us looks fair right?Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener is for us to have quick whitening skin tone for temporary use.

这是最近cosplayer们流行当中的话题化妆品——————Nella Fantasia's Oneday Whitener 

它是一种类似粉底/CC cream的化妆品~大家平时都是利用化妆品粉底美白自己的肌肤的对吧?~Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener 是一种能让我们皮肤快速美白的“化妆品”。它不属于护肤品,也不是长时间让皮肤美白,而是让模特儿/cosplayer们有效的快速在外拍前让自己的皮肤看起来更漂亮的一种产品哦

Q&A :

How long does it last?

From my experience ,it lasted about 10hours until I shower it off.

Does it get washed off easily?

No,casual use for photoshoot/event is fine.It takes time to wash off even with shampoo.

How to wash off??

Just shampoo will do,there is no need to use makeup remover

Does it has any side effects?

Nope,with no serious allergic skin problem it's fine .It smells good too :)

My skin tone is really tan,will the effect be shown naturally?

The effect will not be 100% natural whitening,for photoshoot purpose is still acceptable
If you wish to have a perfect natural fair skin tone,I suggest you to ...work hard on your skin care routine....

First time testing it. (photo NON EDITED)
2nd attempt to apply just a bit amount  on my fist,
left hand shows AFTER applied ,
right hand shows BEFORE .
Up ; without the whitener
Down ; with whitener
Conclusion : the more you apply,the better result you receive


Price : RM50 included postage 
link : http://list.qoo10.my/item/NELLA-FANTASIA-BIG-SALE-ONEDAY/425637416

Friday, September 4, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[Beauty Review]Miss HANA 花娜小姐 cushion compact foundation (ENG VER)

Make up base and foundation are the most important thing for makeover .Once uneven skin tone appears, it doesnt matter how pricey your eyeliner,lipstick or eye shadow are , you will never looks good.
I've combination skin type so it happened many times uneven skin tone on my face. I need to use liquid foundation for my dry skin part yet I need cream for my T-zone ,HOW?!
Now that I've tried Miss Hana cushion compact foundation , it's long lasting,sunscreen protection and comfortable .Not to mention the design of it is very pretty too ! Cushion compact foundation controlled the amount of water included in liquid foundation so that it would not dry out. Say bye-bye to uneven skin tone YAY
It provides sponge(puff) for you so no worries about getting your fingers dirty while applying make up ! Perfect for combination skin tone I LOVE IT !

Thursday, July 30, 2015

WIW | Black

Pic from me,edited by Zon Lee.

Below photos all credits to Black Rabbit Photography


Look of the day

Crop top ; City Trend

Maxi dress ; Taobao

Hat ; 4eternity

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Giveaway | 4eternity giveaway

Hey beautiful! To celebrate our 1000th LIKES on Facebook.We are yet again back with a giveaway just for YOU. This time, it'll be a colouring book WORTH RM55! Not just any but a really pretty one. To get it, it's simple. Follow both our instagram& Like our Facebook page. Then post an OOTD of yourself & Tag 3 of your dear friends. Next, comment ' done ' + your facebook OR Instagram username below our post. You'll be qualified to participate once we verify that you have done both 
smile emoticon Giveaway is open for both Facebook and InstagramP.S.Dont forget to hashtag ‪#‎4Eternitygiveaway‬ and make sure your account is public alrightClosing date : 15 August 2015#4eternitygiveaway


  1. Like 4eternity facebook page and follow 4eternity Instagram
  2. Repost THIS PHOTO
  3. hashtag #4eternitygiveaway and tag at least 3 friends on your photo
  4. comment "done" AND your Facebook / Instagram (the account that you uploaded OOTD) username on this facebook post or instagram post
  5. Wait for winner announcement :) GOOD LUCK!
Please take notes that if you posted your OOTD on instagram then comment done on Instagram,same goes to Facebook. Remember to set your post as Public !

More photos for giveaway prize :

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Photoshoot | Tattoo sleeve concept

Edited by me.Photographer : MoonHawk (鹰之月)Photography
Hey guys I'm back ! So I'm here to share some tips and the procedure of this concept photoshoot. Anyone who're interested to tattoo photoshoot are always welcome to share this out ;) 

First,these tattoos are all FAKE.
It is fake stickers,although I do love tattoo art a lot but its still not the time for me to get one yet .And also im worried that getting a whole tattoo sleeve on my skinny arm is quite...(very)painful 
Second, I bought my tattoos online.(You may contact me if you're interested to get a cool one for yourself)

I receive some questions example ;
Alright for mine ,SOME lasted a night,SOME lasted a week. It depends on the quality of the tattoo,which part do you paste it on,as well as the drawings(design). The most common duration should be 1 week .It should looks great right after you paste it until the  4th or 5th day ,the  colour will start to fade off. As for my tattoo sleeve it lasted ONLY 24HOURS,I would say that unfortunately this tattoo sticker's quality SUCKS. And also because of the design,after I pasted in on my arm I feel very uncomfortable ,it feel so sticky. Well I expected this kind of things due to the size of the sticker, but I never thought of that it actually lasted for 24hours only. Meh. Well but other than the tattoo sleeve,others are fine.Those that on my leg lasted for 2weeks though

Yes it is.tattoos does not fade until you scratch it

Because I doesn't want it looks fake....?

Yes I  did.I took 1.5 hours to paste all tattoos you can see on my body.And I did it in the morning right before shooting.It is a long process ,because I want it to 100% looks good and real so I did it few hours before shooting instead of a night before it. Tattoo + makeup + styling takes me around 2.5hours. Well you can always ask someone to help you on pasting it ,it can surely be faster :)) 

Yes there is especially when I visited mamak and I realise people who stares at me are mostly indians....

No No No

Please keep this in mind.If you're willing to do this,with these amount of tattoos,please don't expect it to be faded off automatically.I'm sure in the process of fading it doesn't looks good and you might just wanna remove it right away.It takes me 5-10 mins to remove part of the tattoos. Although my tattoo sleeve faded very fast but it tooks me 2 HOURS to fully remove the tattoo on whole arm. I applied baby oil to scratch it off.. Well but for some part of it,like my chest.Parts that you sweat a lot makes tattoo faded off even faster OR easier to remove.I remove my chest tattoo by just scratching it off while showering.

Revealing all tattoo pieces for this project ~

Tattoo sleeve piece

Some other tattoo are from my previous collections so it's not in this list.


Photographer credits to MoonHawk (鹰之月)Photography
    Waynn Images
Studio credits to Cupcat Images

Thanks for reading ~If you have any questions,don't hesitate to ask me.Just leave a comment here or my page and I will answer your question right away :)
Additional fan service by Gatsby from Cupcat Images