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Thursday, June 25, 2015

[REVIEW ]Husky Cafe ?! - CuBs & CuPs Cafe

Bring your pets to CuBs & CuPs Cafe !

Cubs & CuPs has got an high attention due to the attractive appearance of their new members ! TA -DA~~~~~~Huskies!

Oh did I just mentioned Huskies? YES. They've 2 huskies and a small little one which I assumed it is Chihuahua?
To make this clear,CuBs & CuPs is actually NOT a husky cafe. But a pet friendly restaurant. You're welcome to bring to furry little friend to meet some new friends here while you and your buddies can enjoy the tasty food in a  lovely environment ! While I'm having my lunch,I saw a few customers who brought along their pets here. The pets right there are all friendly and hyperactive ,they ain't shy at all !They do welcome anyone(pets or human) in this Cafe as long as you're a pets lover .
Waffle with Ice Cream

Spec &  Chicken
Hawaiian Pizza
I've lost my appetite few days ago due to heavy flu and my "girl sickness".I had only half set meal for 1 whole day so I've decided to share food with my buddies.As you can see the portion is not small at all. I have to confess! Their Spec & Chicken is DELICIOUS ! As well as the waffle with ice cream,,the waffle is soft and puffy.LOVELY!Not forgetting to mention the ice cream is homemade too ! Good food,great environment,this is what makes a cafe worthy ~ They've no minimum spend requirement as this is not a so called husky cafe nor cat cafe which is full of these pets. It is a pets welcome cafe .

Name : CuBs & CuPs
Open hours :
Wed - Sun:
Address :  30/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(NOTE : do not search for Wisma Rapid because it is not located at the housing area BUT across the housing area.Wisma Rapid is a housing area)
Food : 7.5/10
Environment : 8/10
Cleanliness : 9.5/10

More photos : (click in for larger view)


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[REVIEW ]Negative Celsius @ Setiawalk Mall

Here comes our trending dessert for this month ! *drumrolls*

Da Macaron Burger !!!!!!!!! neh its actually macaron ice cream,but it does looks like burger .

Months ago before this,macaron has always been a hot topic dessert for long due to the flavorsome filling and attractive colors .Until now,macaron are still famous because of it. 
AND NOW,we have a group of intelligent and creative teenagers investigated a novel way to enjoy our favourite dessert . The combination of colorful,sweet,crispy macarons with cold,refreshing ice cream!

We present you the Negative Celsius ! 

What's interesting about them is the moving truck concept,they travel different places everyday and only limited stock for each day.Negative Celsius will be stationed at PV 128 recently but for others who're interested to give a try on this local dessert.You may like and follow their Facebook Page for more updates regarding to the schedule of their moving truck ! Please take notes there are only 300 limited stock EACH DAY so,first come first served !

I've tried this for the first time at Setia Walk when I was invited to be a part of the Asia Muse Semi Final 2015,I was so happy because the previous time I purposely drove from Petaling Jaya to PV 128 just to try this new dessert but it was SOLD OUT ! Tbh I love the green tea flavor a lot and I would you to try this badly.You can play your mix and match game to DIY your favourite color of macaron,flavor of ice cream and different toppings. I've chosen the Vanilla flavor as my choice of ice cream,but it couldnt satisfied my tongue at all.My partner chosen the green tea flavor and it was SOOOOOOOO GREATTTTTTTTT. Yes I love it very much !Truly worth for a try!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[EVENT] Sunsilk Biggest Selfie Movie Starring YOU!

Hey have you guys watched the biggsest selfie movie by Sunsilk ? ;D

There is a pretty good news for me,I've won a Casio TR50 from Sunsilk in a selfie contest !Congratulation to me no?

Sunsilk hosted a Selfie Contest on MAY 2015 and they also have roadshow to promote their brand as well.Skip to conclusion,so I've won as a MOST STARSTRUCK SELFIE in the TOP10 creative winners list. Below is the selfie I took with the talented Korean Youtuber/Kpop dancer ; JUNCURRYAHN
In addition ,Sunsilk has also gave me a hand full paper bag of Sunsilk products which worth RM100 AND a very surprising door gift by them. A SURVIVAL KIT !hehehehe Thank you very much,I love the survival kit . Sunsilk  really gave me a lot of free products as door gift ,also as a part of the worth RM100 products. I actually gavet half of my part to Jesslyn because it was too heavy for me to bring it back home by taking public transport .I guess I don't have to shop for hair shampoo for 1 whole year?

Last but not least , thank Jesslyn for accompany me for the day. We had so much fun chit-chatting non stop :))

Top from @4eternity
Shoes from POLO
Thank Sunsilk for giving me this chance and for choosing me as part of TOP10 MOST CREATIVE WINNER. Thank You very much for the Casio Exilim TR50 and RM100 worth of Sunsilk Products.
To watch the Biggest Selfie Movie ,click → -HERE

Monday, June 8, 2015

How to turn off game notification on Facebook

I believe many of you feel bored and annoyed by the game requests on Facebook,here's a few ways how can you turn off the notification .

FOR PC USER:(By this way ,you can choose to block or allow which app/game notification as you wish)

First,find the privacy shortcuts box from the right corner of your Facebook .

Second :

Final ..

FOR MOBILE USER : (To turn off ALL game requests/notifications)

I hope this will help you :)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

[REVIEW ]Toys Cafe @ Penang

To all anime fans , hot toys ,gundam , cartoon fans ! 

Once you guys decide to travel at Penang,it's a MUST you've to pay a visit at this awesome cafe! This cafe caught my heart so well and I can't not to blog about this .
We had our breakfast here

The price list of this cafe is not far off from the other cafes in KL . Although the cake is not really worth it,it cost around RM10.90 like a really small piece (not even enough for starter lol) but it tasted great. Not to left out the very cute and detailed Chocolate Sauce Drawing  . I feel love at first sight when I saw the Totoro drawing ! So like I mentioned, the effort is worth for the price

Their coffee art is good and yet the taste of our drinks are satisfied too.Furthermore reason for me to recommend this cafe is because I love their environment .OPPS,not because of their gundam(s) but reason because of the music in the cafe makes me feel relax. Toys cafe is a good place to chill out with friends....

Venue : Toys Cafe in Penang (FB page)
Operation hour : 
Mon-Sun 11:00 - 22:00
Beverage : 8/10
 Food rate :8/10