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Monday, September 7, 2015

[Review] Nella Fantasia's Oneday Whitener (ENG/CN)

The latest trend item other than fake breast/six pack for cosplayers is the --------- Oneday Whitener. 

This a similar foundation / CC cream product from KOREA. Well,we usually apply foundation on our face to make us looks fair right?Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener is for us to have quick whitening skin tone for temporary use.

这是最近cosplayer们流行当中的话题化妆品——————Nella Fantasia's Oneday Whitener 

它是一种类似粉底/CC cream的化妆品~大家平时都是利用化妆品粉底美白自己的肌肤的对吧?~Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener 是一种能让我们皮肤快速美白的“化妆品”。它不属于护肤品,也不是长时间让皮肤美白,而是让模特儿/cosplayer们有效的快速在外拍前让自己的皮肤看起来更漂亮的一种产品哦

Q&A :

How long does it last?

From my experience ,it lasted about 10hours until I shower it off.

Does it get washed off easily?

No,casual use for photoshoot/event is fine.It takes time to wash off even with shampoo.

How to wash off??

Just shampoo will do,there is no need to use makeup remover

Does it has any side effects?

Nope,with no serious allergic skin problem it's fine .It smells good too :)

My skin tone is really tan,will the effect be shown naturally?

The effect will not be 100% natural whitening,for photoshoot purpose is still acceptable
If you wish to have a perfect natural fair skin tone,I suggest you to ...work hard on your skin care routine....

First time testing it. (photo NON EDITED)
2nd attempt to apply just a bit amount  on my fist,
left hand shows AFTER applied ,
right hand shows BEFORE .
Up ; without the whitener
Down ; with whitener
Conclusion : the more you apply,the better result you receive


Price : RM50 included postage 
link : http://list.qoo10.my/item/NELLA-FANTASIA-BIG-SALE-ONEDAY/425637416

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