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Friday, September 18, 2015

[Review] Bausch + Lomb Malaysia Lacelle Jewel LAUNCH

Well known American eye health products —— Bausch+Lomb ,has launched their brand new product Lacelle Jewl coloured contact lens on the month of September 2015.

I myself been supporting BAUSCH+LOMB eye health ReNu fresh since many years,and I'm still using it until today.I'm really glad to attend this latest product launch event.
Firstly,thanks for inviting me to join the event,I've enjoyed myself very much.The event went well and it's great, especially the performances are marvelous. Opening act were performed by SOUL KRAZY dance group,then they have Lacelle Jewel collection showcase featuring Amber Chia and singing performance by artist Atikah Suhaime . Lastly they have singing performance as well by Malaysian Charbor Joyce Chu . 



Artist Atikah Suhaime

I've received a pair of Lacelle Jewl colour contact lens from BAUSCH+LOMB . This pair of lovely lens I've chosen is Topaz Brown series.

Topaz Brown
A natural sparkle that makes eyes pop instinctively .A highly approachable presentation.

Under indoor lightning 

Loving colour and attractive design no
I've worn it for the entire day 12 hours and I don't feel uncomfortable at all . It's very soft and clear.Not to mention it's easy to wear too. Other than the material I do love the natural effect of this contact lens as well,sparkling sharp color but yet natural and it doesn't appears lustreless without light . Due to some contact lenses I've tried,it shows natural color under sunlight,but when it comes to dark surrounding,my eyes immediately looks like a dark hole without any lustre at all. But LACELLE JEWEL makes things changed !
It makes my eyes looks attractive and natural. LOVELY !

Rate :

Comfortable :10/10

Effect : 8/10

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