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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[EVENT] Sunsilk Biggest Selfie Movie Starring YOU!

Hey have you guys watched the biggsest selfie movie by Sunsilk ? ;D

There is a pretty good news for me,I've won a Casio TR50 from Sunsilk in a selfie contest !Congratulation to me no?

Sunsilk hosted a Selfie Contest on MAY 2015 and they also have roadshow to promote their brand as well.Skip to conclusion,so I've won as a MOST STARSTRUCK SELFIE in the TOP10 creative winners list. Below is the selfie I took with the talented Korean Youtuber/Kpop dancer ; JUNCURRYAHN
In addition ,Sunsilk has also gave me a hand full paper bag of Sunsilk products which worth RM100 AND a very surprising door gift by them. A SURVIVAL KIT !hehehehe Thank you very much,I love the survival kit . Sunsilk  really gave me a lot of free products as door gift ,also as a part of the worth RM100 products. I actually gavet half of my part to Jesslyn because it was too heavy for me to bring it back home by taking public transport .I guess I don't have to shop for hair shampoo for 1 whole year?

Last but not least , thank Jesslyn for accompany me for the day. We had so much fun chit-chatting non stop :))

Top from @4eternity
Shoes from POLO
Thank Sunsilk for giving me this chance and for choosing me as part of TOP10 MOST CREATIVE WINNER. Thank You very much for the Casio Exilim TR50 and RM100 worth of Sunsilk Products.
To watch the Biggest Selfie Movie ,click → -HERE

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